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The company specializes in electricity systems and industrial comstruction.

In 2015, the company won a NIS 2 Billion tender to execute the electrification of Israel  Railways network, including the A1 Tel Aviv Jerusalem fast train. The Tel Aviv Jerusalem fast train route crosses the Green Line in two areas into the  occupied West Bank.  The tender included the electrification of 420 km of railways, maintainance services for 25 years, and the establishment of transformers’ stations and control systems.

In November 2016, the company initiated digging and fencing works in section A of the project (in the area of the Latrun enclave, which is located in No man’s land), and in December 2016 it installed electricity poles in the area. During April 2017, the company was documented conducting electrification works in tunnel no. 1 of the A1 train route. The A1 fast train started operating in 2019.

For more information about the A1 project, see Who Profits’ report Crossing the Line: The Tel Aviv Jerusalem Fast Train.In 2020, Israel Railways signed an additional 125 million Euro contract with the company to complete the electrification of its railways, a project expected to end in 2025. As of 2023, 65% of the electrification of the Israeli train railways has been completed, and is expected to continue until the end of 2024.