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Who Profits Research Center is an independent research center dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of Israeli and international corporations in the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land and population.

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Company Name Traded In Main Headquarters Description
41 Arza Winery T.R.Z. (Hayotzer Winery)
יקב ארזה ת.ר.ז. (יקבי היוצר)
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A settlement-based Israeli winery. The winery also owns a Hayotzer Winery. Arza Winery and Hayotzer Winery are based in the Mis...
42 Ashdar Building Company
TASE Israel A construction company, which develops, builds and markets residential neighborhoods. Ashdar also rents office and industrial spac...
43 Ashtrom Group
קבוצת אשטרום בע"מ
TASE Israel Ashtrom is one of the largest Israeli construction and infrastructure companies, operating in the areas of contracting, franchisin...
44 Assaf Winery
יקב אסף
Private Occupied Syrian Golan A boutique winery located in the settlement of Kidmat Zvi in the occupied Syrian Golan. The winery owns 60 dunams of vineyards ...
45 Atid Packaging
עתיד אריזות
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A private manufacturer of packages for the food and agricultural industries. The offices of the companies are located in the se...
46 Atlas Copco
OMX Sweden A Swedish multinational company that provides solutions for all types of industries, ranging from industrial automation to medical...
47 Avi Cranes
אבי מנופים
Private Israel A supplier of heavy lift services by renting and operating cranes and access equipment. Company cranes were used fo...
48 Avisror Moshe & Sons
אביסרור משה ובניו
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and real estate company. The company is involved in two construction projects in Har Homa settle...
49 Avniv
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A private Israeli grower, marketer and exporter of fruit and vegetables. The company is located in the settlement of Netiv Hagd...
50 B Communications
בי קומיוניקיישנס
NASDAQ, TASE, Subsidiary of Public Israel B Communications is a holding company with a single asset: the controlling interest (approx. 26.34%) in Bezeq the Israel...
51 B. Gaon Holdings
ב.גאון אחזקות בע"מ
TASE, Public Israel A publicly traded Israeli holdings corporation specializing in water and gas distribution, sewage treatment, desalination and fire...
52 B. Yair Building Corporation
ב.יאיר- קבוצת בנייה ויזמות בארץ ובחו
TASE Israel The company specializes in the construction, development, design and marketing of real estate projects. In the occupied West Ba...
53 B.D.T.H Israel Solar Energy Ltd.
ב.ד.ט.ח אנרגיה סולארית לישראל בע"מ
Private Founded in 2010, the company constructs and installs commercial and residential solar fields. In September 2018, the company wo...
54 B.G. Ilanit Gates and Urban Elements
ב.ג. אילנית שערים ואלמנטים אורבניים
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A manufacturer and provider of perimeter security products including: security gates, bollards, biometric...
55 Bank Otsar HaHayal
בנק אוצר החייל
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel A commercial bank. The bank provides loans and financial services to local and regional authorities of settlements and to Israe...
56 Barad Earth Development & Road Works
ברעד חברה לעבודות עפר פיתוח וכבישים בע"מ
Private Israel Barad Earth Development & Road Works Ltd. is a private Israeli construction company. It is involved in construction projects o...
57 Baran Group
קבוצת ברן
TASE Israel Baran Group is a publicly-traded Israeli civil engineering, technology, telecommunication and construction solution provider with ...
58 Bardarian Brothers
אחים ברדריאן
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and infrastructure company. The company was one of the selected contractors that won the Israeli...
59 Bazelet Hagolan Winery
יקב בזלת הגולן
Private Occupied Syrian Golan An Israeli winery based in the settlement of Kidmat Zvi in the occupied Syrian Golan. The winery, vineyards and visitor center ...
60 Beit Alpha Technologies (B.A.T)
בית אלפא טכנולוגיות
Private Israel A private Israeli manufacturer of Special Purpose vehicles and systems. In 2003, the company won a tender to provide vehicles t...