B. Gaon Holdings

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ב.גאון אחזקות בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli holdings corporation specializing in water and gas distribution, sewage treatment, desalination and fire protection markets.

Services to settlements

The company provides equipment and services for the construction of water infrastructure on occupied land for the supply of water to settlements in the occupied West Bank and Syrian Golan.


Mekorot Water Company is the Group’s main customer, accounting for NIS 228,290,000, approximately 32.7%, of the company's revenues in 2022.

Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, builds and maintains water infrastructure on occupied Syrian and Palestinian land, exploits occupied natural resources, and provides services to settlements and settlement agriculture. 

The Gaon Group carries out projects for Mekorot in the occupied West Bank.

The company established a 10 km water line between the settlements of Elkana and Barkan, designed to secure water supply for West Bank settlements and connect them to the National Water Carrier.

The company established a pipeline connecting a Mekorot pumping station located within the Green Line to the settlement of Karnei Shomron in the West Bank.

The company established a 4km pipeline for a Mekorot water line going from the Kidron River (Wadi Al-Nar), located in the area between East Jerusalem and the northern Dead Sea, to the settlement of Karnei Shomron.

For more on Mekorot and its projects in the oPt, see Who Profits’ report Dried Up: Mekorot’s Involvement in the Israeli Occupation.

B. Gaon also provided equipment and services to water infrastructure projects for settlements water cooperatives in the occupied West Bank and Syrian Golan.

The company established a 70 km water carrier from the city of Beit She’an to the Jordan Valley for irrigation in the Jordan Valley settlements. The project was carried out for Mei Bik’at HaYarden (Jordan Valley Water), a settlement water cooperative supplying water to agricultural settlements in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

The company executed a project for the Mei Golan water cooperative in the occupied Syrian Golan. The project included the upgrade of sewer lines in the settlement of Ramot in the Syrian Golan. In February 2016, the company's subsidiary, Middle East Tubes, provided field service to Mei Golan near the settlement of Afik in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The company also carried out works for a water line connection in Hamat Gader, located in the “demilitarized zone” across the Green Line in the Syrian Golan.

Field Produce

The company’s subsidiary Groundnuts & Cotton Marketing Ltd. holds 84% in Field Produce company, an Israeli dates and peanuts exporter exporting dates under the brand name “Paradise Dates”. The company operates a packing house for dates in the settlement of Yafit in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. According to the company’s website, the dates handled in the packing house and marketed by the company are grown in the facility’s proximity. The company’s clients include major international supermarket and health food chains, including COOP, Migros and Seeberger.


The company’s subsidiary, Middle East Tubes' steel pipe factory for water, sewage, fuel, and gas infrastructures was constructed and expanded on 264 dunams in Neot Hovav Industrial Zone in the Naqab.

Neot Hovav, the site of Israel’s main hazardous waste disposal facility, poses a major health and hazardous material risk to the Palestinian Bedouin residents of nearby Wadi Alna’am, forcibly resettled in the area by Israel’s Military Administration in the 1950s.

For more on projects in the Naqab see Who Profit’s interactive map Tools of Dispossession in the Naqab: Development & Military Projects.