Beit Alpha Technologies (B.A.T)

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בית אלפא טכנולוגיות

A private Israeli manufacturer of Special Purpose vehicles and systems.

In 2003, the company won a tender to provide vehicles to the the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the use of the Israeli Police Border in the Seam Zone (an area between the Green Line and the West Bank mostly populated by settlement).

The company's Water Restraint System (WRS) is a non-lethal, high pressure water stream restraining system designed specifically for control in prisons. The system is used by Israeli Border Police to attack demonstrations.

In 2017, the company supplied the Israeli police with new vehicles that are used to attack demonstrations.

Vehicles developed by the company are used to carry "the Skunk", a scent-based weapon that is used by Israeli forces against Palestinian protestors in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In the past, the vehicles were purchased by repressive regimes in Chile and Burundi.