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Company Name Traded In Main Headquarters Description
461 Yehuda Welded Mesh
יהודה רשתות פלדה
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in recycling ferrous scrap and producing welded mesh and fences. The company is involved...
462 Yenot Bitan (Carrefour Israel)
יינות ביתן – קרפור ישראל (גלובל ריטייל ק.י בע"מ)
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel A private Israeli company that operates a chain of supermarkets (registered under the name Global Retail C.I. Ltd.). The company i...
463 YSB - Ya'acobi Brothers Group
קבוצת אחים יעקובי בע"מ
TASE Israel A public Israeli company operating in the fields of construction, infrastructure and green environment. In 2021, the company...
464 YuGan Engineering
יוגן הנדסה
Private Israel The company provides supervision services, consulting, design coordination, quality assurance and quality control, civil engineeri...
465 Z.M.H. Hammerman
צ.מ.ח. המרמן
TASE Israel A public Israeli construction and real estate company. The company is involved in the construction of 130 apartments and a comm...
466 Zakai Agricultural Know-how and Inputs
זכאי ידע ותשומות חקלאיות
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory Producers of plants, equipment for plant nurseries and agricultural technology. The company is located in the industrial zone o...
467 Zalman Barashi
זלמן בראשי ואחיו
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in the development of infrastructure projects. The company is active in road and bridge con...
468 Zoko Enterprises (Zoko Shiluvim)
קבוצת זוקו שילובים בע"מ
TASE, Private Israel Zoko Enterprises Ltd. imports and markets heavy mechanical equipment, and provides spare parts, project development and services. ...
469 Zorganika
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A private Israeli company that owns and cultivates organic date plantations. The company's is located in the settlement of ...