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1- David Ackerstein Ltd.
דוד אקרשטיין בע"מ

A provider of management, planning and supervisory services in civil engineering, transportation, construction and infrastructure ...

2- Delek Israel Fuel Company Ltd.
דלק חברת הדלק הישראלית בע"מ

A private Israeli Company founded in 1951, active in the field of gas and fuel. The company operates fuel and service stations and...

3- Eastlink Lanker

A public UK-based international investment company engaged in the import and export of metal and industrial equipment. The comp...

4- Group 5 Security (Tzevet 5)
צוות 5 אבטחה בע"מ

A private Israeli company that provides security and guarding services. The company provides security services to Israeli settl...

5- Hapoalim Bank
בנק הפועלים

One of the largest Israeli commercial banks. Financing construction in illegal settlements and settlement infrastructure projec...

6- Hot Mobile (formerly: Mirs Communications)
(הוט מובייל (לשעבר מירס תקשורת

An Israeli provider of wireless cellular communication services. Since 2002, Hot Mobile (formerly MIRS), holds an ICA permit to...

7- Moked Matara
מוקד מטרה

A private Israeli security and surveillance company. In 2016, the company signed an agreement with the Oranit local settlement ...

8- Peled - Klein Civil Engineering
פלד-קליין הנדסה אזרחית

A private Israeli company providing civil engineering services beyond the Green Line. The company has been involved in the plan...

9- RE/MAX Holdings
רימקס אחזקות

An American multinational real estate company. The Israeli franchise - RE/MAX Israel, operates a licensed&n...

10- REMAX Israel (Impact Property Developers)
(רימקס ישראל (אימפקט פיתוח נכסים

A private Israeli company that holds the Israeli franchise of the global US-based real estate brokerage network RE/MAX. The com...

11- Tnufa Transportation Solutions
תנופה פתרונות תחבורה בע"מ

A private company operating public transportation lines in Israel. The company was founded in 2020 after winning a tender to op...

12- Y.D. Barazani
י. ד. ברזאני

A private Israeli construction and development company. In 2022, Y.D. Barazani won a tender by Moriah Jerusalem Development Cor...