Dell Technologies

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An American multinational technology company. Dell's products include personal computers, servers, smartphones, televisions, computer software, computer security and network security, as well as information security services.

Services to the Israeli military 

In 2023, Dell Technologies won the Israeli Ministry of Defense's server tender, which is considered the largest server tender in Israel so far. The scope of the tender is over USD 150 million for a period of two years, during which Dell will provide servers, maintenance services and related equipment to the Israeli military, the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) and other security bodies. The tender was funded by US foreign aid provided by the United States to Israel. 


Dell Technologies’ fully owned subsidiary, VMware, began supplying the IMOD with virtualization systems in 2003, and provided VMware's virtualization platform (vSphere) to all Israeli military’s central server farms. VMware systems have been implemented in the data centers of various forces in the Israeli military, including the Intelligence Directorate and Corps, the ICT Directorate and Corps, the Air Force and others.

In 2016, VMware signed an agreement with the IMOD for the implementation of VMware systems for the military and other security bodies for NIS 100 million, for the years 2016-2019. The agreement allows the military to use the company's systems and products for all its new and future technological projects almost without limitation. In addition, the agreement includes licensing packages for new products, maintenance service, assimilation and training for several years. About half of the amount is designated for ongoing maintenance of virtual systems which were previously implemented in the military and other security bodies, and half is for the benefit of implementing systems in the new projects.  

In 2013, VMware was contracted by the IMOD to provide virtualization systems to the Israeli military for NIS 100 million. The agreement includes a comprehensive licensing agreement for VMware's SDDC platform, which provides automated infrastructures for implementing virtualization and cloud management. The agreement includes the provision of the vCloud Suite Enterprise package, which allows all military units to move from virtualization of servers to virtualization of all data center components including communication, information security and storage under a unified management platform. The agreement was signed for a period of three years with an option for two additional years.

In 2019, the IMOD published a tender for the purchase of Dell laptop computers.

In August 2018, Dell personnel accompanied and mentored a military Hackathon for officers of the Computer and IT Directorate and cyber defense units in the Naqab.

In 2013, Dell was one of several companies chosen to take part in the IMOD project for the establishment of a military technology security facility in the Naqab as part of the military’s transition to the south project. 

Services for the Israel Police

In May 2021, VMware Israel won a tender for the provision and maintenance of VMware products for the Israel Police from August 2021 until January 2027 for NIS 50 million.

Surveillance in East Jerusalem

In August 2021, a closed tender was published between the two authorized distributors in Israel of VMware for the purchase and maintenance of licenses for virtual servers for NIS 50 million for five years, from July 2021 until June 2026. According to the tender, the infrastructures serve critical applications in operational networks such as the Technological Control Center “Mabat” in Jerusalem. Mabat System includes an array of about 400 CCTV cameras deployed throughout the Old City in Jerusalem and linked to a police Command and Control center that monitors residents’ movements 24/7. The cameras broadcast live to the C&C center, which is located in the Old City, where the material is recorded and kept by the police. The system has the ability to also synchronize with other cameras deployed in other parts of occupied East Jerusalem.