JLG Industries

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A US-based designer and manufacturer of access equipment.

In April 2013, Who Profits research team documented an aerial work platform (boom lift) manufactured by the company at the construction site of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem fast train line (A1). The train route crosses into the occupied Palestinian territory in two areas. The 510 aerial work platform, located at the entrance to tunnel No. 2, bore the logo of Rom Israel Access Platforms, JLG’s (exclusive?) Israeli distributer.

JLG access platforms were also used by Avi Cranes in the construction of industrial buildings in the industrial zone of Barkan settlement in the West Bank.

The parent company, Oshkosh (NYSE:OSK), is involved in the provision of equipment to the Israeli army and Ministry of Defense. In 2017, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced the acquisition of 200 FMTV tactical trucks from Oshkosh Defense in a contract valued at 200 million USD. The FMTV is a tactical truck equipped with a 7.2-liter engine and capable of carrying loads of up to eight tons.

The Israeli army and the Ministry of Defense bought six such trucks in 2016, and procured trucks of an older Oshkosh model from US army surplus in recent years.