Shilo Winery

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יקב שילה

A private Israeli winery based in the industrial zone of the settlement of Shiloh in the occupied West Bank.

The winery sources most of its grapes from vineyards located in the occupied West Bank, including vineyards planted by the winery near Shiloh settlement and vineyards near Hebron.

In 2018, Shilo Winery received a 995,384 NIS grant from the Investments Authority of the Israeli Ministry of Economy. The grant is part of an investment plan totaling 4,976,918 NIS. According to the Ministry of Economy, the plan is expected to lead to a growth of 7,968,000 NIS in the winery’s annual sales, and entails the establishment of a new industrial factory. The new factory will be significantly larger and increase the winery’s capacity.

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