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January 2013

Two Occupation Profiteers Collaborate in a Joint Sale

Soda Stream and Eden Springs, two Israeli companies that operate production facilities on occupied land, collaborate in a joint sale for the Israeli and British markets.

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September 2012

SodaStream - September 2012 Update

In contradiction to SodaStream's recent statements, the company's main manufacturing facility is still located in the settlement Industrial Zone of Mishor Adumim.

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July 2012

Removing Mul-T-Lock and Assa Abloy from Who Profits’ Database

Mul-T-Lock relocated its factory from the Barkan settlement to the Israeli city of Yanve.

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July 2012

Captive Economy

This report describes the involvement of Israeli and multinational pharmaceutical industries in the occupation. As the pharmaceutical industry is a highly globalized arena, the report reveals some of the ways in which Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands offers opportunities to exploit the captive Palestinian market. Concurrently, the report describes the development of a vibrant but struggling Palestinian industry. For the vast majority of the Palestinian population, this situation generates higher prices of basic health products, which is especially troubling in light of the fact that the economic situation continues to deteriorate.

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June 2012

Made in Israel

The following flash-report is an update on the major Israeli agriculture export companies presently operating in Occupied Territories.

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May 2012

Barkan Mounting Systems Relocated Its Production from the OPT

Barkan Mounting Systems, a manufacturer of mounting systems for consumer electronics, relocated its factory from the industrial zone of Ariel, an illegal settlement in the West Bank

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Ahava: Tracking the Trade Trail of Settlement Products
April 2012


This report investigates the business and trade of Ahava – Dead Sea Laboratories which is a private Israeli cosmetics corporation that operates from the occupied West Bank. The report shows that Ahava extracts the mud from occupied Palestinian territory, thereby exploiting Palestinian natural resources.

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March 2012

Mehadrin Group - An Update

Following Agrexco’s liquidation, Mehadrin has become one of the most important agricultural companies in Israel.

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