COMSA Corporación

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A Spanish global group focused on infrastructure development, industrial engineering and services, also operating in the areas of concessions and renewable energies.

The company is involved in the establishment, operation, maintenance and financing of the Jerusalem Light Rail Blue Line project.

The Jerusalem Light Rail

In September 2023, the company’s consortium, JTrain, was chosen as the winning bid in the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) Blue Line tender.

The JTrain consortium was established for the benefit of the project and is jointly owned by the Spanish infrastructure company COMSA and its Israeli partners Dan Public Transportation Company and Danya Cebus

The JLR network is a large-scale Israeli transport infrastructure project connecting large settlement blocks in occupied East Jerusalem to the center of the city and its western side and is contingent on the expropriation of Palestinian land and the further territorial fragmentation of the city’s Palestinian neighborhoods.

The JLR Blue Line is to be the third and longest main axis of the JLR network. The line route stretches for 31 km connecting the settlement neighborhood of Ramot and Ramat Eshkol settlement neighborhoods in the north to the settlement neighborhood of Gilo in the south, passing through the city center, with 53 stations - of which 17 are located in settlement neighborhoods of Ramat Eshkol, Ramot, Gilo and Givat Hamatos in occupied East Jerusalem.

The tender, estimated at NIS 9 billion, includes the establishment, operation, maintenance and financing of the Blue Line project, and the building and laying of tracks for three railway lines extending over 31 kilometers. The consortium will operate the Blue Line for a period of seven years with an option for another 18 years, and will maintain the network for 25 years. The planning works will begin in the coming year and the line will be gradually activated starting in 2028 until its full operation in 2030.

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