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1 Anglo Saxon Real Estate Agency (Israel 1992)
אנגלו סכסון סוכנות לנכסים (ישראל 1992)
Private Israel A private Israeli network of real estate agencies with 80 branches. The company operates branches in the settlements of Adam (G...
2 Ashtrom Group
קבוצת אשטרום בע"מ
TASE Israel Ashtrom is one of the largest Israeli construction and infrastructure companies, operating in the areas of contracting, franchisin...
3 Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
בנייני בר-אמנה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory The company is a subsidiary of the settlement movement Amana which is involved in construction in settlements and outposts. Th...
4 CAF- Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles
BMAD Spain A publicly-traded Spanish company specializing in designing and implementing transit systems, and manufacturing railway vehicles, ...
5 Dan Public Transportation Company
דן חברה לתחבורה ציבורית בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli transportation company that operates public bus services. The company is also active in the real estate sector a...
6 Danya Cebus
דניה סיבוס בע"מ
TASE Israel Public Israeli company Danya Cebus is one of the largest construction and infrastructure companies in Israel. The company speciali...
7 Discount Bank
בנק דיסקונט
TASE Israel An Israeli commercial bank. Israeli construction on occupied land:  In 2021, Discount Bank granted the company Shitrit ...
8 English Cake
אינגליש קייק
Private Israel An Israeli bakery chain. The company operates branches in Gush Etzion settlement in the occupied West Bank. In occupied East...
9 Galshan Marketing Human Resources Guarding & Security
גלשן שווקים משאבי אנוש, שמירה ואבטחה
Private Israel A private Israeli security firm. The company provides security services to the settlements of Ma’ale Efraim, Gush Ezion, ...
10 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
בנק מזרחי טפחות
TASE Israel, Mexico, Occupied Palestinian Territory An Israeli commercial bank. The bank accompanies construction projects in settlements constructed on occupied Palestinian terri...
11 Rami Levi Hashikma Marketing
רשת חנויות רמי לוי שיווק השיקמה
TASE Israel Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd. is the third-largest Israeli retail supermarket chain. The company operates a ...
12 REMAX Israel (Impact Property Developers)
(רימקס ישראל (אימפקט פיתוח נכסים
Private Israel A private Israeli company that holds the Israeli franchise of the global US-based real estate brokerage network RE/MAX. The com...
13 Shapir Engineering and Industry
שפיר הנדסה ותעשיה בע"מ
TASE Israel A public Israeli company specializing in infrastructure, Franchise, industry and real estate. The company operates the Natuf qu...
14 Shufersal
שופרסל בע”מ
TASE Israel Shufersal operates a retail chain of supermarkets and drugstores and an online shopping platform. Through its subsidiaries, the co...