El-Far Electronics Systems

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אל-פר מערכות אלקטרוניקה

El-Far is a manufacturer of fences and perimeter protection systems.

According to a company representative, El-Far’s fences and perimeter defense systems are installed along a 27km route surrounding the Gaza strip. In addition, the company provided and installed fences, as part of the construction of the Separation Wall apparatus.

In 2003, El-Far Electronics Systems were authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Army Technological Unit to provide protection of borders, settlements, military camps and top-secret security facilities. The company’s Viper system, a perimeter defense system, is installed along the Separation Wall, in military camps, including those in the West Bank, in illegal settlements and in Israeli prisons.

El-Far’s fences and systems are also installed along the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) route and around facilities of large Israeli security companies, including Rafael.