Flash Reports
June 2020

Exploited and Essential

Israeli policies vis-à-vis Palestinian labour in the context of the Covid-19 crisis expose how pre-existing structures of population control and economic strangulation interlock to secure profits for the occupying power at the expense of an occupied population. At once essential to the profits of the Israeli construction sector and dependent on the low-paying, exploitative jobs it provides, Palestinian workers in the Israeli economy have been uniquely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

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May 2020

For Medicinal Purposes

Israel’s highly militarized response to the coronavirus crisis exposes the deep military bias that underpins its economy and political regime. A series of recent collaborations between Israel's military and medical sectors, facilitated by the military's research directorate, offers military corporations a way to benefit from the crisis and diversify their product offering.

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March 2019

Greenwashing the Golan

This flash report investigates four commercial wind farm projects currently under development in the occupied Syrian Golan, exposing the involvement of the private sector in their construction and operation.

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March 2019

الغسيل الأخضر للجولان

يبحث هذا التقرير في أربعة مشاريع تجارية لمزارع إنتاج الرياح، التي هي قيد التطوير حاليا في الجولان السوري المحتل، كاشفًا تورط القطاع الخاص في بناءها وتفعيلها.

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December 2018

In Deep Water: More Walls to Strangle Gaza

In this flash report, Who Profits investigates recent plans by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to build an additional hi-tech separation wall around the besieged Gaza Strip. The flash report will focus on the role of the private sector, exposing some of the private corporations that amass profits as well as marketable experience from strengthening the Israeli apparatus of control over Gazans.

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November 2018

“Big Brother” in Jerusalem’s Old City

In this flash report, Who Profits examines the ‘Mabat 2000’ visual surveillance program implemented in the occupied Old City of Jerusalem by the Israeli state and for-profit. Launched in the year 2000, ‘Mabat 2000’ – an acronym in Hebrew which stands for "technological & surveillance center," and also a word which means “gaze” – is the Israeli police’s most comprehensive visual surveillance project in the Old City, saturating every street and alleyway with Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Who Profits documented the involvement of the public Israeli conglomerate, C. Mer Group, in the installment, maintenance and implementation of software used for ‘Mabat 2000’. In addition, the involvement of four corporations in the provision of surveillance hardware was documented: VideoTec, a private Italian company; Dahua Technology, a publicly traded Chinese company; Sony Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese conglomerate, and Evron Systems, a private Israeli company.

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July 2018

Signal Strength: Occupied

As this flash report demonstrates, all major Israeli telecommunications providers are commercially involved in the Israeli occupation.

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May 2018

Plundering the Sun

This report comes as a follow up to two reports published by Who Profits in 2017: “Greenwashing the Israeli Occupation: The Solar Energy Industry and the Israeli Occupation” and the flash report “Greenwashing the Naqab: The Israeli Industry of Solar Energy”. Here we shed light on how, while the Israeli solar energy is flourishing on occupied Palestinian land in Area C and in the Naqab,  Palestinian communities in those areas are deliberately marginalized and un-electrified, contributing to a coercive environment that leads to forced displacement.

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