In Deep Water: More Walls to Strangle Gaza

In this flash report, Who Profits investigates recent plans by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to build an additional hi-tech separation wall around the besieged Gaza Strip. The flash report will focus on the role of the private sector, exposing some of the private corporations that amass profits as well as marketable experience from strengthening the Israeli apparatus of control over Gazans.

As the siege on Gaza enters its second decade, with devastating human, political and economic consequences, the Israeli government is introducing new measures to cement the physical enclosure of Gaza, aided by private for-profit corporations.

Since 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) has been carrying out the construction of technologized aboveground, underground and underwater walls. These walls are the first of their kind internationally, boasting new technologies of detection and control. Participating companies therefore benefit not only financially, but also in terms of future marketing, gaining valuable ‘expertise’ at the direct expense of Gazan lives.

This flash report exposes the role of the private sector in the construction of the walls and the provision of technological equipment, including the involvement of Elbit Systems and the subsidiaries of two large public Israeli corporations, Africa Israel Investments and Housing and Construction (Shikun & Binui).