The Business and Trade of Ahava

An Update

The following update reveals valuable new information discovered by Who Profits: additional companies in Ahava's supply chain, natural resources from occupied territories and new EU funded research projects.

In May 2012, Who Profits published a comprehensive report about the business and trade of Ahava - Dead Sea laboratories. The private Israeli cosmetic company is located in Mitzpe Shalem settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley, where it manufactures its products and exports them to more than 25 countries around the world.


  • Natural resources from occupied territories: The Mud
  • Ahava's supply chain

     C.E. Roeper      Faci Metalest      ISP - International Specialty Products, part of Ashland      Purac

  • Services and machinery

Delek Israel Fuel      Amnir Recycling industries      Moked team 5 security       Sanwa      SDMO industries and Shmerling-Synchro Energy Engineering      Volvo Penta

  • Ahava's participation in EU funded projects 


* According to Ahava company, at least as of 2014, all of the company's mining sites are located within the Green Line. In February 2024, Who Profits received a letter from Ahava company regarding Ahava’s activities in the settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. As of March 2024, the issue is still under inquiry with the company. For more, see Ahava company profile.