An Updated List of Israeli Quarries in the West Bank

The following update includes information regarding nine Israeli quarries, which are active in the West Bank and profit from the exploitation of Palestinian natural resources.

During the summer, Who Profits conducted research in order to produce an updated list of West Bank sites operated by the Israeli mining industry. The mining and quarrying operations of Israeli companies in the occupied Palestinian territories were legalized by the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ) in December 2011. In an egregious ruling, the HCJ validated this form of economic exploitation and authorized the companies to continue their activities without any hindrance.  Nearly three years after this ruling, nine Israeli quarries are still active in the West Bank and profit from the exploitation of Palestinian natural resources. This, in grave violation of international humanitarian law, international human rights standards and corporate social responsibility codes of conduct. The following list provides an updated picture of the situation on the ground.

  1. Yatir Quarry - This is an equal partnership of Kfar Giladi Quarries (owned by Kibbutz Kfar Giladi) and Lime and Stone Production (Owned by Readymix Israel - a subsidiary of Cemex). The quarry is located south of the Palestinian city Dhahiriya and West of the Teneh Omarim settlement.
  2. Meitarim Quarry - The quarry is owned by Yehoshua Koren, Yoel Azaria (through the Oron Group) and Daniella Zamir and Rafael Rodnik (through Dhahiriya Quarries). It is situated close to the settlement of Teneh Omarim.
  3. Beit Hagai/ Lahav Quarry - The mining rights for this site are owned by the settlement of Beit Hagai, but the quarry is operated by the Israeli company Medan - Roads and Quarries. In September 2012, the Civil Administration allowed Medan to expand the quarry's activity to the land of the Palestinian town Dura. The quarry is located near the settlement of Eshkolot, close to the Green Line from its eastern side.
  4. Adora/ Trans-Judea Quarry - The quarry is operated by the Elyakim Ben Ari company. It is located near the settlement of Adora and Highway 35, known as the Trans-Judea Highway.
  5. Salit Haadumim Quarrying and Factory for Stone Works - Located north of the Mishor Adumim industrial zone, on Road 437.
  6. Nahal Raba Quarry - Situated near the settlement of Elkana. It is owned by Hanson Israel, a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement - the world's largest cement producer.
  7. Natuf Quarry - Situated near Nili settlement. It is owned by Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering.
  8. Beitar Illit Quarry - Owned by Ashtrom through its subsidiary Netivey Beitar. It is located in the area of the Beitar Illit settlement.
  9. Kochav Hashahar Quarry - The quarry is owned and operated by Mordechai Binyamin and Sons Earth Work. It is located near the settlement of Kochav Hashahar and sprawls onto the land of the Palestinian village Kfar Malik.

Three other Israeli sites in the oPt, in which Who Profits previously monitored mining activities, are no longer active. These quarries were located in the expansion of the Barkan industrial zone, near the settlement of Tzofim and near the settlement city of Modi'in Illit.