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October 2019

Profiting through Dispossession: Another Side of Airbnb's Complicity

The update highlights Airbnb's overlooked complicity in the plunder of Palestinian refugee properties in 1948 territories (inside the "Green Line"). Additionally, it looks in detail at the company's decision to continue the listings of settlement properties.

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September 2019

Spanish multinational CAF and Israeli Shapir win tender to expand the Jerusalem light rail

This update highlights the recent developments in the expansion of the Jerusalem Light Rail system- the extension of the existant Red Line of the train and the construction and maintainance of the new Green Line. The update  exposes the instrumental  involvement of the Spanish multinational company Caf- construccionces y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles and the Israeli public company Shapir Engineering and Industry.

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August 2019

Israeli Wine Industry Remains Complicit in the Israeli Settlement Enterprise

The Israeli wine industry remains deeply complicit in the occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land. Dozens of wineries are based in and around Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan. Many wineries located within the Green Line, including some of the largest commercial wineries in the Israeli market, use grapes originating from occupied land in their wines. This update highlights recent developments in the Israeli wine sector, including the expansion of wine tourism and foreign export markets. All corporate profiles of complicit wineries have been updated.

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April 2019

Industrial Zones in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

In this dynamic report Who Profits takes a close look at Israeli Industrial Zones (IZs) constructed on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It also provides a provisional but substantive, list of Israeli and international corporations operating in Israeli IZs constructed on occupied land, including in the Syrian Golan.

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March 2019

Greenwashing the Golan

This flash report investigates four commercial wind farm projects currently under development in the occupied Syrian Golan, exposing the involvement of the private sector in their construction and operation.

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March 2019

الغسيل الأخضر للجولان

يبحث هذا التقرير في أربعة مشاريع تجارية لمزارع إنتاج الرياح، التي هي قيد التطوير حاليا في الجولان السوري المحتل، كاشفًا تورط القطاع الخاص في بناءها وتفعيلها.

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February 2019

Codifying Occupation: The Paris Protocol

Signed in 1994 by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Paris Protocol, which regulates the financial relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, de-facto formalized the structural advantages of the Israeli economy over the Palestinian one. The agreement resulted in the creation of a Palestinian captive economy that is exploited by both the Israeli state and private corporations.

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December 2018

Tourism Infrastructure and Settlement Expansion

In this update, Who Profits provides an overview of the Jerusalem cable car project, highlighting in particular the role of the tourism sector in facilitating Israeli colonial expansion and the involvement of one French corporation, CNA -Cable Neige Amenagement, in the project.

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