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1 Airbnb, Inc.
NASDAQ USA A publicly traded American company operating an online vacation rental platform. The company offers listings in over 220 countries...
2 Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
בנייני בר-אמנה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory The company is a subsidiary of the settlement movement Amana which is involved in construction in settlements and outposts. Th...
Subsidiary of Public Netherlands An online travel agency for lodging reservations and other travel products. The online company’s platform enables travellers...
4 eDreams ODIGEO
BME Spain Based in Spain, the company operates an online travel agency for lodging reservations and other travel products. The company inclu...
5 M.G.A. Energy Solutions
מ.ג.א. פתרונות אנרגיה בע"מ
Private Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory Installs and establishes electricity power stations. The company provided its services as an engineering and constructor at the...
6 Peled - Klein Civil Engineering
פלד-קליין הנדסה אזרחית
Private Israel A private Israeli company providing civil engineering services beyond the Green Line. The company has been involved in the plan...
7 Reshef Security
רשף ביטחון
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel A private Israeli provider of electronic surveillance and physical security services. The company holds an estimated 5% of the Isr...
8 Solaredge
NASDAQ Israel An Israel-based global provider of solar PV inverter systems. The company’s solar systems have been installed in the Shde...