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1- Airbnb, Inc.

A publicly traded American company operating an online vacation rental platform. The company offers listings in over 220 countries...

2- Compost Or
קומפוסט אור

A private Israeli company specializing in the development, management and operation of waste recycling plants. Compost Or opera...

3- Electra
אלקטרה בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli company active in the fields of real estate, infrastructure development, facility management, and electr...

4- Electra Afikim
אלקטרה אפיקים בע"מ

A private Israeli transportation operator, holding concessions for major public transport routes and serving institutional and pri...

5- Fox-Wizel Ltd. (Fox Group)
פוקס-ויזל בע"מ

Through its subsidiaries, Fox Group operates stores in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Fox operates ...

6- Merkavim Transportation Technologies
מרכבים טכנולוגיות תחבורה בע"מ

A private Israeli bus manufacturer. The company develops, designs and manufactures different bus models including shielded buses a...

7- Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

A publicly traded Japanese corporation that designs, develops and manufactures motor vehicles. Mitsubishi vehicles are used by ...

8- Oron Group
קבוצת אורון אחזקות והשקעות בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli company active in the fields of civil engineering, infrastructure, real estate and quarrying. Through...

9- Psagot Winery
יקב פסגות בע"מ

A private Israeli winery based in the occupied West Bank. The winery is headquartered in the Sha’ar Binyamin settlement i...

10- Rami Levi Hashikma Marketing
רשת חנויות רמי לוי שיווק השיקמה

Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd. is the third-largest Israeli retail supermarket chain. The company operates a ...

11- Shikun & Binui Group
שיכון ובינוי בע”מ

A publicly-traded Israeli infrastructure and real estate company involved in various fields, including infrastructure, real estate...

12- Tabor Winery
יקב תבור

A large private Israeli winery owned by The Central Bottling Company (Coca Cola Israel). The winery produces wines from grapes ...