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1 Ackerstein Industries
אקרשטיין תעשיות
Private Israel The Israel-based company manufactures paving stones, concrete walls, roof tiles and other products for the construction industry. ...
2 Afimilk Agricultural Cooperative
אפימילק אגודה שיתופית חקלאית
Cooperative Israel Develops, manufactures and markets computerized systems for dairy farms and herd management. In 2008, the company erected a lar...
3 All Trade Group
אול - אין טרייד ישראל בע"מ
Private Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory A private Israeli company that provides new and refurbished computing equipment and operates recycling facilities for various prod...
4 Bank Otsar HaHayal
בנק אוצר החייל
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel A commercial bank. The bank provides loans and financial services to local and regional authorities of settlements and to Israe...
5 Bardarian Brothers
אחים ברדריאן
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and infrastructure company. The company was one of the selected contractors that won the Israeli...
6 Ben Security
בן בטחון
Private Israel A private Israeli provider of technological and physical security services. The company provides security services to settlemen...
7 Carmel Wineries
יקבי כרמל (כרמל מזרחי)
Private Israel One of the largest wineries in the Israeli market. Carmel Winery sources from vineyards located in the occupied Syrian Golan in...
8 Controp Precision Technologies
קונטרופ טכנולוגיות מדויקות בע"מ
Private Israel A privately owned Israeli company that specializes in the development and production of electro-optical and precision motion contr...
9 Efco Equipment
אפקו ציוד
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in marketing, sales and service for mechanical equipment for infrastructure and constructio...
10 Einav Ahets
עינב-החץ (1965) בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli development and roads construction company. The company executes and has completed multiple infrastructure proje...
11 Elyakim Ben Ari
אליקים בן ארי
Private Israel An engineering, transport and quarry company. The company operates a quarry, an asphalt plant, an aggregate plant and a sand washi...
12 Extal
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A private Israeli company that develops and markets aluminum systems for the construction industry. The company is located in M...
13 Hamat Group (formerly: Lipski Plastic)
(קבוצת חמת (בעבר: ליפסקי
TASE Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory Manufactures and distributes bathroom and kitchen products, including: ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and household faucets. Under t...
14 Herzel Bibi - Nitsat HaDuvdevan
הרצל ביבי - ניצת הדובדבן
Private Israel An Israeli chain of health food stores. The company operates branches in the settlements of Gush Etzion and Ariel in the West Bank...
15 I.R.P.C. Rubber Products Co.
איי. אר. פי. סי. מוצרי גומי ישראלים
Private Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory An Israeli manufacturer of rubber products for the automotive industry. The company operates a factory in Barkan I.Z in the occ...
16 Israel Salt Company
מלח הארץ בע"מ
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel A private Israeli company for the production of sea salt products. The company is the largest Israeli producer of salt, accounting...
17 Kfar Giladi Quarries
מחצבות כפר גלעדי
Cooperative Israel An Israeli agricultural cooperative active in quarrying. Kfar Giladi Quarries operates the Yatir Quarry in the occupied West Ba...
18 Kravitz
Private Israel A retail company that sells office supplies. The company operates three branches in the occupied West Bank, two in Ariel settle...
19 Merkavim Transportation Technologies
מרכבים טכנולוגיות תחבורה בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli bus manufacturer. The company develops, designs and manufactures different bus models including shielded buses a...
20 Mishab Building and Development
משהב חברה לשיכון בניין ופיתוח
Private Israel A private construction company mainly for the Jewish religious sector. As part of a contract with the Israeli Civil Administrat...