Controp Precision Technologies

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קונטרופ טכנולוגיות מדויקות בע"מ

A privately owned Israeli company that specializes in the development and production of electro-optical and precision motion control systems for surveillance, defense and homeland security applications.

The company was established by four former members of the Israeli Air Force and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The company provides its products to the Israeli military, Israeli Police, and the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), and to companies such as IAI, Elbit Systems and Aeronautics, which integrate the company's payloads with their UAVs.

The company is developing surveillance payloads for the Israeli military and has received development grants from Ministry of Defense bodies in Israel and the United States. The payloads include cameras and can be mounted on the head of an observation mast, vehicles, or aircraft.

Controp’s payloads are in regular use by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Sinai, Egypt.

The company is sponsoring and taking part in the training of the Israeli military Artillery Corps Unit which operates UAVs.

The company has provided electro-optical intrusion detection systems for the Separation Wall in the occupied West Bank. The company’s SPIDER system and the SPEED-A product were used by the Israeli military for surveillance along the Separation Wall and around the Gaza strip, also for detection of swimmers in the coast of Gaza. The system is also used for surveillance throughout the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2019, it was published that the Israeli military is expected to replace its old digital communication system with Controp’s TD STAMP surveillance turret.

In 2016, the company provided to the Israeli military the SPEED-LR Payloads, which allow drones to detect the movement of people through mists and fog, and can be operated from drones, ships, and from the ground.

In 2008, as part of an IMOD contract with Elbit Systems, the IMOD purchased dozens of Skylark I systems, with each system comprises two Controp U-STAMP surveillance and targeting payloads.

Involvement in the Israeli attacks on Gaza

Controp “STAMP” camera payload systems were developed by the company for the Israeli military at the request of IMOD officers.

The payloads are installed on the “Skylark” drones, manufactured by Elbit Systems, which were heavily used during the assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014.During the days of the military assault, Controp has worked alongside the Israeli military in order to satisfy the needs of the security forces.

Also during the assault on Gaza in 2014, the company provided its Stabilized Panoramic Automatic Intruder Detection and Recognition System (SPIDER), which was used to gather intelligence for the Israeli military.

Controp’s DSP-1 payloads are also installed on the “Heron1” UAVs, which were in significant use by the Israeli military during in the assault on Gaza in 2008–2009.

Controp was also involved in a joint project with the companies Tomcar and Elbit Systems, for developing UAVs for military purposes, and providing cameras for UAVs used by combat units of the Israeli military in the West Bank and for long-range surveillance systems used to surveil Gaza residents.

Controp’s aerial TR-STAMP camera payloads are used in Israel on “SkyStar 180” surveillance balloons, manufactured by RT LTA Company. The balloons are used by the Israeli military for collecting tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. The system is also in use by the Israeli Police, and in 2014 SkyStar 180 balloons were deployed over Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2019, the company won a tender to provide security, surveillance and communication systems to the Israeli police.