All Trade Group

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אול - אין טרייד ישראל בע"מ

A private Israeli company that provides new and refurbished computing equipment and operates recycling facilities for various products, including electronic and metallic waste.

Two of the company’s fully owned subsidiaries, All Trade Recycling and Chayon Technologies, have facilities in industrial zones in the occupied West Bank.

The Group’s fully owned subsidiary, All Trade Recycling, operates an electronic recycling plant, in the Barkan industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. The recycling plant was opened in 2015 for recycling small and medium-sized electronic devices with an output of about 5 tons per hour. The plant covers about 8 dunams and produces about 30 million kg per year of shredded material from electronic products.

In 2021, All Trade Group established a Plastic recycling plant in the settlement of Ma'ale Efraim.

 In January 2021, the company signed a leasing development agreement with Ma’ale Efraim settlement for an area of 8.78 dunams for NIS 424,424. According to the Ministry of Economy and Industry website, All Trade Recycling currently operates a recycling plant in the Ma'ale Efraim Industrial Zone.

The Group’s fully owned subsidiary, Chayon Technologies, has a logistic center in the Barkan industrial zone. The center stretches over 9 dunams of land.  In addition, Chayon Technologies brand’s, Get Deal, factory is based in the Barkan industrial zone. Get Deal specializes in the refurbishment of computer products.

Chayon Technologies also provided equipment for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). In 2022, Chayon provided TV screens to COGAT for NIS 3,494. In 2021, Chayon provided COGAT with ICT screens for NIS 15,220, and computer screens for NIS 4,563. In 2020, Chayon provided laptops to COGAT for NIS 129,518; screens for NIS 9,273; and Computer screens for NIS 3,020. In 2018, Chayon provided computer screens to COGAT for NIS 12,287. In 2015, Chayon provided equipment to COGAT for NIS 48,607.

In 2021, Chayon provided computer screens to the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) for NIS 2,707. In the same year, the company provided Screens for the Communication System Recording Project to IPS for NIS 1,528. In 2018, the company provided equipment for the construction project of 21, 22 wings in Ofer Prison. In 2016, the company provided computer screens to the IPS for a total amount of NIS 11,469.