ICL Group Ltd.

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קבוצת כיל בע"מ

An Israel-based global specialty minerals and chemicals company active in the agriculture, energy, industrial, AgTech, Health and personal care, transportation, food, paints and coatings materials market.

Extraction of natural resources

Dead Sea Works Ltd. (DSW), a fully owned subsidiary of ICL Group, is engaged in the extraction of minerals from the Dead Sea, including its northern Basin in the occupied West Bank. The company is one of the world’s largest producer and supplier of potash products, in addition to a range of chemical products.

The company holds a concession to utilize the natural resources of the Dead Sea until March 31, 2030. The concession covers an area of 652 square meters, and allows the company to construct and expand pumping stations, roads, wells, drillings and other facilities in the Dead Sea.

The company extracts salt, potash and bromide from the Northern Basin of the Dead Sea, located in the occupied West Bank, where the company has pumping stations and a feeding canal. The company pumps brine from the Northern Basin into evaporation ponds located in the Southern Basin.

In 2021 alone, ICL pumped around 443 million cubic meters of water from the Northern Basin, where water levels are declining annually by 1.2 meters due to industrial water pumping.

In 2021, the company produced around 3.9 million tons of potash, 187 thousand tons of bromine, 18.2 thousand tons of metal magnesium, 111 thousand tons of salt and 131 thousand tons of solid magnesium chloride. In the first quarter of 2022, ICL sold 1.15 million tons of potash, worth USD 410 million, with almost a million ton of the potash being extracted from the Dead Sea.


ICL Rotem, a fully owned subsidiary of ICL Group, operates two phosphate mining fields in the Naqab, , Rotem Field and Zafir Field (Oron-Zin). The company holds a concession for phosphate mining in the Naqab for over sixty years. In December 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Energy granted the company an extension to a unified concession (which includes all Rotem's mining fields) for an additional three years, until the end of 2024. 

Services to Settlements

Products manufactured by  ICL Group’s fully owned subsidiary, Fertilizers and Chemicals (ICL Haifa), were documented in several agricultural settlements in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank in June 2019, including the settlements of Naama, Mehola and Na’aran.

ICL Haifa's customer retention services include regional agronomists for the Jordan Valley, the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied West Bank.

In 2016-2017, ICL Haifa participated in an agricultural experiment in almond trees in an orchard in Ramat Magshimim settlement in the Syrian Golan, testing the impact of its humic acids fertilizer Oded. In 2014, company fertilizers were used in an agricultural experiment conducted by the Jordan Valley R&D Center on the use of pesticides in bell peppers in Tomer settlement.

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