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Company Name Traded In Main Headquarters Description
1 AdaFresh
אדאפרש החזקות
Private Israel A private Israeli exporter of agricultural, including certified organic, produce. The company has a fully owned subsidiary in t...
2 Agrofresh Pro
אגרופרש פרו
Private Israel The company provides solutions for individual organic growers. The company’s packages were found in the Na’aran settlement�...
3 Arava Export Growers
מגדלי הערבה ליצוא בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli company that exports vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs and dates and worldwide. The company exports produce gro...
4 Bickel Group
קבוצת ביקל
Private Israel Marketer and exporter of organoc and non-organic agricultural produce and flowers. The Bickel Group comprises of Bickel Flowers...
5 D. Hay Marketing of Agricultural Product
ד. חי שיווק תוצרת חקלאית
Private Israel The company markets agricultural produce. The company’s boxes were found in the Na’aran and Tomer settlements’ packing hous...
6 Dan Pri Export and International Trade
דאן פרי יצוא וסחר בינלאומי
Private Israel A private Israeli exporter of agricultural produce to Russia. The company’s boxes were spotted in Tomer and Na’aran...
7 Genesis Land Dates/N.S Water and maintenance services
תמרים מארץ בראשית/נ.ש שירותי מים ואחזקה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A water service company which also grows dates. The company is located in the settlement of Ma’ale Efraim in th...
8 ICL Group Ltd.
קבוצת כיל בע"מ
TASE, Public, NYSE Israel An Israel-based global specialty minerals and chemicals company active in the agriculture, energy, industrial, AgTech, Health and ...
9 Kedem Hadarim
קדם הדרים
Private Israel A marketer and exporter of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables. During a 2012 field tour, Who Profits documented the ...
10 Mehadrin
מהדרין בע"מ
TASE, Public Israel Mehadrin is Israel’s largest grower and exporter of citrus, avocado, dates, and other fruits and vegetables. The company ...
11 Mor Hasharon Fruit (Sharon Fruit)
מור פירות השרון
Private Israel, South Africa A marketer and exporter of agricultural produce. In 2012, Who Profits documented the presence of the company boxes in a packagi...
12 S.M Valley
ש.מ. הבקעה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory Exporter and grower of agricultural produce. The company is located in the Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. ...
13 Tadmir Group Management & Operating (2006)
(קבוצת תדמיר ניהול והפעלה (2006
Private Israel Manufacturer of compound feeds for broilers, layers, turkeys, goose, cattle and sheep. The company’s subsidiary...