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1 Agrexco Carmel Agricultural Export Company
אגרקסקו כרמל חברה ליצוא חקלאי
Private Israel A private Israeli exporter of agricultural produce, marketing vegetables, fruits, flowers, propagating materials and herbs. The...
2 Arava Export Growers
מגדלי הערבה ליצוא בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli company that exports vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs and dates and worldwide. The company exports produce gro...
3 Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
בנייני בר-אמנה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory The company is a subsidiary of the settlement movement Amana which is involved in construction in settlements and outposts. Th...
4 Deshen Hatzafon – Production and Marketing of Fertilizer
דשן הצפון - אגודה חקלאית שיתופית בע"מ
Cooperative Israel An Israeli agricultural cooperative that manufactures and markets fertilizers. One of the seven cooperatives that own Deshen Ha...
5 Haifa Chemicals (Haifa Group)
חיפה כימיקלים (קבוצת חיפה)
Private Israel Haifa Group is a multi-national corporation and a global supplier of specialty plant fertilizers. The company has distributors ...
6 Hishtil
חישתיל בע"מ
Private Israel A global nursery corporation that specializes in the production and sales of vegetables, herbs, seedlings, flowers and young plant...
7 ICL Group Ltd.
קבוצת כיל בע"מ
TASE, Public, NYSE Israel An Israel-based global specialty minerals and chemicals company active in the agriculture, energy, industrial, AgTech, Health and ...
8 Jordan River Herbs
תבליני נהר הירדן
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory Growers and distributors of herbs and organic herbs. The company's farm is located in the settlement of Mehola in the occup...
9 Rivulis Irrigation
ריווליס השקיה בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli global provider of micro irrigation solutions. The company’s irrigation equipment has been documented i...
10 Rivulis PTE
Private Singapore A global micro irrigation company. In April 2022, Who Profits documented Rivulis company signs in a settlement date plantation ...
11 Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies
רוטס טכנולוגיות חקלאיות ברות קיימא בע"מ
ASX Israel Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd is a publicly traded Israeli company (ASX: ROO) specializing in developing and com...
12 Yehuda Welded Mesh (Yehuda Group)
יהודה רשתות פלדה בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli company, producing and providing steel welded mesh, fencing, cutting, bending, and preparation of steel for cons...