Gadish Engineering – Yoram Gadish Group

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גדיש הנדסה – קבוצת יובל גדיש

Gadish Group is one of Israel’s largest private engineering management company with an annual turnover exceeding 300 million USD.

The Group was awarded a Moriah – Jerusalem Development Company contract for the construction of a bridge for the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) worth some 74 million USD (250 million NIS). The JLR connects Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem with the western part of the city, expropriating occupied Palestinian land and promoting increased territorial contiguity for settlements.

The Group is also involved in a housing construction project in Beitar Illit settlement. In addition, the Group’s clients include the Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police, Shufersal supermarket with branches in settlements across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as Barkan Winery and Maale Adumim settlement council.

Furthermore, the Group was selected to take part in the construction of a railway in the Naqab from Beer Sheva to Arad. When completed, the 28km railway will lead to the forced displacement and adversely impact the daily life of some 50,000 Palestinians in the Naqab living Alfora’a, Ksefe, Alzarora, Ktmat.

According to BIMKOM – Planners for Planning Rights, the rail will block people’s entry to their villages, limit access to residential area and agricultural land; restriction and prevention of construction and development on both sides of the rails and wide areas of land where their communities exist; land expropriation and demolition of residential buildings.