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1 Achdut Factory for Tahini Halva and Sweets (Achdut-Achva)
אחדות בית חרושת לטחינה חלבה וממתקים בע"מ (אחדות-אחוה)
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A private Israeli food manufacturer. The company specializes in the production of sesame products: Tahini, Halva and bakery produc...
2 Afic Printing Products
אפיק מוצרי הדפסה
Private Israel, Occupied Syrian Golan Largest Israeli printing solutions company. The company manufactures and recycles products such as printer ink cartridges and is a...
3 Top Sky Line Engineering Systems
טופ סקיי ליין מערכות הנדסה
Private Israel A private Israeli company operating in electronic homeland security, surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and pr...