C. Mer Group

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ח.מר תעשיות בע"מ

An integrator in the areas of communications and security. The Group offers a wide range of technology-based solutions and end-to-end services that include consultancy, development, engineering and manufacturing, as well as integration and implementation.

The Group’s Security and Technology division develops and installs smart communication systems for military land and naval units in Israel and globally.

The company has a sole supplier agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) for the provision of tactical communication systems to the Israeli military Ground Forces until 2032.

The company also provides digital Internal Communication System for the military’s Armoured fighting vehicles, and company’s products have been implemented in advanced weapons systems such as the Israeli Merkava tank as well as mission aircraft, watercraft and border control.

Additionally, the company has provided integrative communication systems for military vessels for the IMOD, and in 2019, won a tender for the development and upgrade of communications systems for the Navy submarine.  

In December 2019, the company’s fully-owned subsidiary won a tender for the development and upgrade of communication systems on three platforms for the IMOD, on a two-year project with expected revenue of approximately NIS 12 million. Following this contract, the company was invited to apply for another tender for three additional platforms.

In 2016, the company’s fully owned subsidiary, TechMer Ltd., won a NIS 40 million contract with the IMOD for the installation of a new communication system for the Israeli military. The new system is based on digital audio technology developed, manufactured and deployed by the company.  At the end of 2019, the company began supplying the systems to the IMOD.

The company supplies Radio and Cellular transmission infrastructure and performs data communication infrastructure work for the IMOD, as well as set up of transmission infrastructure and sites for the Israeli Police and Israel Prison Service.

Surveillance in East Jerusalem

One of the company’s flagship surveillance projects is the ‘Mabat 2000’ project in the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem. The project includes an array of about 400 CCTV cameras deployed throughout the Old City and linked to a police Command and Control center that monitors residents’ movements 24/7. The cameras broadcast live to the C&C center, which is located in the Old City, where the material is recorded and kept by the police.

The system has the ability to also synchronize with other cameras deployed in other parts of occupied East Jerusalem.

In 1999, Mer Group won an Israeli police tender to establish the ‘Mabat 2000’ project and the infrastructure surrounding it, ahead of the pope’s visit in 2000.

In 2016, the company won a 30 million NIS contract with Israel Police to modify, upgrade and maintain the system for the next 10 years. The contract included an upgrade of the video analysis system, of the resolution and video quality, as well as a software upgrade for the police control center located in the Old City.

The company’s “Safe City” project is also in use in the Old City of Jerusalem. The project consists of a large number of sensors, physical security solutions, and cyber and intelligence data which are transmitted to the company’s "Command & Control Center and Integrated CCTV Surveillance System" which are in use in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Read more on surveillance in East Jerusalem in our flash report “Big Brother” in Jerusalem’s Old City Israel’s Militarized Visual Surveillance System in Occupied East Jerusalem.

In addition, the company’s surveillance cameras have been installed at the Beit Iba checkpoint, the Sha’ar Ephraim checkpoint and at the Anatot army base in the occupied West Bank.