Combating a Virus: Militarism and Securitization Under Covid-19

On June 10th 2020 Who Profits held an online conversation with Dr. Nisha Kapoor, an Assistant Professor of Sociology, Warwick University and Who Profits’ Research Coordinator Riya al-Sanah on securitization and surveillance under COVID-19 in occupied Palestine, India and beyond.

The global response to COVID-19 has been wrapped up in questions of militarism and surveillance, not only in rhetoric (“waging war on the virus”), but also in the heavy reliance of states on military logistics, policing and surveillance technologies. In the Israeli and Indian case, the present crisis opens a window into the ways the deep architecture of an expansionist security state is mobilized in response to changing epidemiological-cum-political realities.

In this webinar, participants discussed the significance of securitization and surveillance in the present moment and what existing structures are being activated and drawn upon, how are they circulating globally, and importantly, the integration of corporations in this process. See below for the full webinar: