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1- Atlas Copco

A Swedish multinational company that provides solutions for all types of industries, ranging from industrial automation to medical...

2- F.K. Generators and Equipment
פ.ק. גנרטורים וציוד

A private Israel-based global supplier of power solutions and power plants. The company supplied generators for the Irtah check...

3- Hishtil
חישתיל בע"מ

A global nursery corporation that specializes in the production and sales of vegetables, herbs, seedlings, flowers and young plant...

4- JCB (JC Bamford Excavators)

The world’s third largest construction equipment manufacturer, which manufactures equipment used in the agricultural, constr...

5- RE/MAX Holdings
רימקס אחזקות

An American multinational real estate company. The Israeli franchise - RE/MAX Israel, operates a licensed&n...

6- Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

A US-based manufacturer of firearms. Ruger rifles are used by the Israeli army to attack Palestinian protestors. These rifles, ...