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1 Agrexco Carmel Agricultural Export Company
אגרקסקו כרמל חברה ליצוא חקלאי
Private France, Germany, Israel, Italy, USA A private Israeli exporter of agricultural produce, marketing vegetables, fruits, flowers, propagating materials and herbs. The...
2 Elyahu Zalman & Sons Metal Tubes Industries
אליהו זלמן ובניו תעשית צנורות
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory Manufacture structural steel pipe and tubing products. The factory is located in the Ariel West industrial zone, which is a s...
3 Kedem Hadarim
קדם הדרים
Private Israel A marketer and exporter of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables. During a 2012 field tour, Who Profits documented the ...
4 Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)
NASDAQ Occupied Palestinian Territory, USA LRAD Corporation produces long range acoustic hailing devices (AHDs). The company manufactures Long Range Acoustic Device ...