Mifalei Tuff- Agricultural Cooperative Society LTD

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מפעלי טוף - אגודה שיתופית חקלאית בע"מ

The Cooperative is active in the development, production, and marketing of potting soils and substrates.

Meifalei Tuff cooperative has a license for Tuff mining and preparing growing substrates, building materials and mixtures in Merom Golan settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan. Products include substrates, growbags, polypropylene trough, raw materials, potting soil and paper plugs.

The cooperative has three types of substrates used for agricultural purposes including Odem, Zohar and Ram named after illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The cooperative provides raw materials such as Baltic Peatmoss, cocopeat, pine barks, red tuff, and tuff lava stones of different sizes.

In 2022, the cooperative won a tender by the Israel Land Authority to operate the Tel Fares quarry until March 2023. The company won the tender with a bid of NIS 65 .1 million, the tender plan titled 11418/c spreads over 232 dunam of land in occupied Syrian Golan.

Between April and May 2020, the cooperative received a license by the Department of Energy to extract tuff from the Tel Fares quarry.