HOS Technology R&D

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ח.א.ש. טכנולוגיה מחקר ופיתוח בע"מ

HOS specializes in engineering & mechanical design, electrical engineering and the design of vehicles for military modifications.

The company represents the following brands: Far Sounders, Heil trailer, Kairos autonomi, NASS (New Age Security Solutions), Safariland, Safariland Armor, Defense Technology, Tactical Command Industries (TCI).

In its website, the company states that the extensive experience the company's personnel with the Israeli army allowed it to support projects carried out by the army and "institutional entities".

Beit Alfa Technologies (B.A.T) Involvement:

Throughout the years, B.A.T. designed, built and supplied a host of riot control and armored vehicles and systems for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli army, the Israeli Police and police forces in more than 40 countries around the world.

Vehicles developed by B.A.T. are used to carry “the Skunk”, a scent-based weapon that is used by Israeli forces against Palestinian protestors.

The company’s Water Restraint System (WRS) is a non-lethal, high pressure water stream restraining system designed specifically for control in prisons. The system is used by Israeli Border Police to attack demonstrations.

In 2017, the company supplied the Israeli police with new custom developed water cannons vehicles that include a laser pointer and a detection camera that are used to attack demonstrations.

In 2003, the company won a tender to provide vehicles to the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the use of the Israeli Police Border in the Seam Zone (an area between the Green Line and the West Bank mostly populated by settlement).

In 2006, the company signed a contract to supply armored vehicles to the Ministry of Interior in Kazakhstan. Also in 2006, the company signed a contract with the Turkish company Nurol, which manufactured vehicles used to disperse protests. As part of the contract, Beit Alpha transferred its knowledge and systems to the vehicles manufactured in Nurol's factory in Turkey.