Margolin Bros

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אחים מרגולין הנדסה ויעוץ בעמ

A private Israeli engineering and consulting company specializing in project and construction management.

2018-2023, the company is involved in Lev Yehuda – al-Arroub Bypass Road, a transportation project carried out by Netivei Israel, a state-owned national transport infrastructure company, in Route 60 in the occupied West Bank, for 340 million NIS. This 10km section of Route 60 bypasses the Palestinian refugee camp al-Arroub and the Palestinian village Beit Ummar. The new bypass road includes surveillance cameras, concrete walls and floodlights in the areas near the road.

Lev Yehuda is part of a transportation master plan advanced by the settlement umbrella organization Yesha Council, designed to facilitate the smooth and rapid travel of settlers between the Etzion settlement bloc and Mt Hebron and Kiryat Arba.

In 2020, the company won a tender published by Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation for the provision and management and supervision services for the expansion of Route 60 between Husan Junction and Elazar Junction in the West Bank.

2017-2023, the company is involved in three commercial projects in Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone in the West Bank, developed by members of the Kass Group. These include Design City, a new shopping complex, Luna Kass, a theme park located next to the Design City complex, and Ayalot Center K2, an event venue. For more on the Design City complex, read our update The Design City Complex Built on Occupied Palestinian Land.

2020-2022, the company is involved in a residential project in the settlement of Givat Ze’ev in the West Bank. The 90 million NIS project involves the construction of 140 housing units on 11.5 dunams.

2019-2020, the company carried out a project in the Tower of David in the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem for 45 million NIS.

2014-2019, the company was involved in Gilo Hillsides West, a residential project in the Gilo settlement neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The 35 million USD project entails infrastructure work for a neighborhood of 800 housing units.

In 2019, the company won a tender for the provision of management services to section 21/3 of the expansion of Road 6 in the Naqab (Negev) region. Section 21 affects the Bedouin Palestinian villages of al-Masoudeyh, al-Gren, Khirbet Wtan, Ber al-Hamam, Kh’ashem Zaneh, Sween, a-Shahbi, Wadi al-Niam and Wadi al-Mashash. According to an opinion by Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights, 2,500-3,000 people will be directly affected and displaced by the planned road.

2015-2018, the company carried out a commercial project for Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing in the Atarot settlement industrial zone for 20 million USD. The project, which includes a commercial center and a supermarket, comprises 25,412 square meters.

2011-2014, the company was involved in Policity, the Israeli police’s national training center. The company participated in preparing the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) tender and was responsible for quality assurance.

In 2006, Margolin – Ariel, Engineering and Management, a partially-owned subsidiary of the company (70%), managed an infrastructure project in the settlement of Elkana in the West Bank for Israel Land Authority.

2000-2004, the company oversaw the establishment of Rimonim Prison and Ofek Juvenile Prison in Hasharon Prison complex.

In addition, the company has carried out projects for the Israeli Ministry of Defense and air force.