Pelter Winery

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יקב פלטר

An Israeli boutique winery based in the settlement of Ein Zivan in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The winery sources some of its grapes from a vineyard in the occupied Syrian Golan, near the settlement of Merom Golan.

Matar Winery, another brand owned by the Pelter family and located in the same settlement, sources most of its grapes from the Merom Golan settlement vineyard.

Additionally, the Pelter family operates a distillery, producing single malt whiskey, brandy and arak from apples, Majhoul dates and grapes. The grapes used in the production of arak and brandy originate from the Syrian Golan. The website does not contain information about the origins of the dates and apples used in production. However, a significant share of apples and dates in the Israeli market originate from the Syrian Golan and the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank respectively. The barrels are stored in a Syrian structure.

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