Afek Oil and Gas Has Begun Drilling for Oil in the Occupied Golan

Israel dismissed petitions by environmental organizations against the drilling; Afek Oil and Gas immediately started preparations on the ground.

During February 2015, Afek Oil and Gas (previously named Genie Israel Oil and Gas) announced that it has finished preparations on the ground and has begun drilling for oil in the south of the occupied Golan (map).

Two years ago, Afek Oil and Gas was granted by the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Water three years exclusive petroleum exploration license in the occupied Golan Heights (For more information see previous update). The drilling was delayed due to strong opposition by Israeli and international environmental organizations, however, the state dismissed the petitions against the drilling in December 2014 and Afek immediately started preparing the ground for drilling.

Afek Oil and Gas, previously named Genie Israel Oil and Gas is an Israeli private company, almost fully owned by an American corporation - Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS). GOGAS is a subsidiary of the public company Genie Energy that is traded in the Nasdaq.