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1- Afimilk Agricultural Cooperative
אפימילק אגודה שיתופית חקלאית

Develops, manufactures and markets computerized systems for dairy farms and herd management. In 2008, the company erected a lar...

2- Deshen Hatzafon – Production and Marketing of Fertilizer
דשן הצפון - אגודה חקלאית שיתופית בע"מ

An Israeli agricultural cooperative that manufactures and markets fertilizers. One of the seven cooperatives that own Deshen Ha...

3- Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society
אגד אגודה שתופית לתחבורה בישראל

A public transportation operator. Until 2017, the parent company operated bus lines to Israeli settlements in the occupied West ba...

4- Hadiklaim - Israel Date Growers Cooperative
הדקלאים אגודה שיתופית חקלאית מרכזית בע"מ

Founded in 1982, Hadiklaim Date Grower's Cooperative is Israel's largest date producer and exporter of organic and non-org...

5- Jerusalem Winery
יקבי ירושלים – אגודה חקלאית שיתופית בע"מ

Jerusalem Winery - Agricultural Cooperative Association is an Israeli winery based in the Atarot settlement industrial zone i...

6- Kfar Giladi Quarries
מחצבות כפר גלעדי

An Israeli agricultural cooperative active in quarrying. Kfar Giladi Quarries operates the Yatir Quarry in the occupied West Ba...