Hadiklaim - Israel Date Growers Cooperative

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הדקלאים אגודה שיתופית חקלאית מרכזית בע"מ

Founded in 1982, Hadiklaim Date Grower's Cooperative is Israel's largest date producer and exporter of organic and non-organic dates and date products.

Some of the company’s dates originate from the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area in the occupied West Bank.

As of 2022, the company operates a big packing house in the settlement of Beit Ha’Arava, which is part of Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council in the occupied West Bank.

Between the years 2019 and 2021, the company received indemnification from the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry under the budget line for the “indemnification of exporters from Judea and Samaria [West Bank] and the Golan” through the Israeli Export Institute. In 2021, the company received NIS 2,454,434; in 2020, NIS 4,269,250; in 2019, NIS 3,042,425.

In 2018, the company sponsored a council-organized festival marking the date picking season, which took place in a packing house located near the settlement of Avnat in the council area. The company granted the settlements’ council NIS 20,000.

In previous years, Hadiklaim has marketed dates packed in settlement packing houses in the Jordan Valley, including the settlements of Gilgal and Yafit , and the company logo was documented in a packing house in Tomer settlement.

According to its website, Kerur Habik’a, a cooling house located in the settlement of Netiv Hagdud in the Jordan Valley, provides cooling services to Hadiklaim as one of its clients.

The company markets dates under the brand names Jordan River, Jordan River Bio-Top and King Solomon, and under private labels of supermarket chains.