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1- AdaFresh
אדאפרש החזקות

A private Israeli exporter of agricultural, including certified organic, produce. The company has a fully owned subsidiary in t...

2- Adama

A publicly traded China-based global crop protection company. Crop protection products manufactured by the company’s Isra...

3- Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture
עמיר שיווק והשקעות בחקלאות בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli company that supplies, imports and markets agricultural products, and manufactures food blends for Farm ...

4- Compost Or
קומפוסט אור

A private Israeli company specializing in the development, management and operation of waste recycling plants. Compost Or opera...

5- ICL Group Ltd.
קבוצת כיל בע"מ

An Israel-based global specialty minerals and chemicals company active in the agriculture, energy, industrial, AgTech, Health and ...

6- Reshef Security
רשף ביטחון

A private Israeli provider of electronic surveillance and physical security services. The company holds an estimated 5% of the Isr...

7- Rivulis Irrigation
ריווליס השקיה בע"מ

A private Israeli global provider of micro irrigation solutions. The company’s irrigation equipment has been documented i...