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Company Name Traded In Main Headquarters Description
1 Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
בנייני בר-אמנה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory The company is a subsidiary of the settlement movement Amana which is involved in construction in settlements and outposts. Th...
2 Meitarim Quarry
קבוצת אורון
TASE Israel The company is active in the field of civil engineering and development. The Group manages several companies and subsidiaries in t...
3 Oron Group
קבוצת אורון אחזקות והשקעות בע"מ
TASE Israel A publicly traded Israeli company active in the fields of civil engineering, infrastructure, real estate and quarrying. Through...
4 Yatir Quarry
מחצבת יתיר
Private Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory A privately owned Israeli stone quarry located in the occupied West Bank. The quarry is located on the lands of the Palestinian...