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1- Airbnb, Inc.

A publicly traded American company operating an online vacation rental platform. The company offers listings in over 220 countries...

2- All Trade Group
אול - אין טרייד ישראל בע"מ

A private Israeli company that provides new and refurbished computing equipment and operates recycling facilities for various prod...

3- Anglo Saxon Real Estate Agency (Israel 1992)
אנגלו סכסון סוכנות לנכסים (ישראל 1992)

A private Israeli network of real estate agencies with 80 branches. The company operates branches in the settlements of Adam (G...

4- Atid Packaging
עתיד אריזות

A private manufacturer of packages for the food and agricultural industries. The offices of the companies are located in the se...

5- Ben Security
בן בטחון

A private Israeli provider of technological and physical security services. The company provides security services to settlemen...

6- Galshan Marketing Human Resources Guarding & Security
גלשן שווקים משאבי אנוש, שמירה ואבטחה

A private Israeli security firm. The company provides security services to the settlements of Ma’ale Efraim, Gush Ezion, ...

7- Genesis Land Dates/N.S Water and maintenance services
תמרים מארץ בראשית/נ.ש שירותי מים ואחזקה

A water service company which also grows dates. The company is located in the settlement of Ma’ale Efraim in th...

8- Hot Telecommunication Systems
הוט מערכות תקשורת בע

A private Israeli provider of cable television, broadband Internet access, landline telephone services and telecommunication servi...

9- Sonol Israel
סונול ישראל

An Israeli energy company that operates more than 230 gas stations. The company operates stations in the following settlements ...