Gadot Agro (Merhav Agro)

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גדות אגרו (מרחב אגרו)

A private Israeli company that imports, distributes, develops, manufactures, and exports crop protection products, biotechnology solutions, and specialized seeds.

In June 2019, company products were documented near the settlement of Beit Ha’arava in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank.

The company’s products were used in an agricultural experiment conducted by the Jordan Valley R&D Center in 2015-2016, taking place in Tomer settlement.

The company’s products were also used in an agricultural experiment conducted by the Institute for the Study of the Golan at the University of Haifa’s Katzrin campus in the occupied Syrian Golan in 2013.

The company employs field personnel in the Syrian Golan and the Jordan Valley, as well as in the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank.

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