Eltal Technologistics

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אלטל טכנולוגיסטיקה

Provider of integration and logistic solutions for technological security projects.

The company operates and maintains scanning equipment in the West Bank checkpoints of Hotze-Shomron, Eyal, Barta'a (Rihan), Eliyahu, Jalameh (Gilboa), Metar, Mezadot Yehuda, Sha'ar Efrayim (Irtah), Macabim, Tarqumya, Habik'a. In addition, the company operates and maintenance scanning equipment in the Karni checkpoint in Gaza.

The company was also hired by AS&E to performs the installation and maintenance for Nuctech and L-3 scanners in the Erez checkpoint and in West Bank checkpoints.

The company provides different operational system, equipment and services to the Israeli army.