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1- AdaFresh
אדאפרש החזקות

A private Israeli exporter of agricultural, including certified organic, produce. The company has a fully owned subsidiary in t...

2- Agrexco Carmel Agricultural Export Company
אגרקסקו כרמל חברה ליצוא חקלאי

A private Israeli exporter of agricultural produce, marketing vegetables, fruits, flowers, propagating materials and herbs. The...

3- Arava Export Growers
מגדלי הערבה ליצוא בע"מ

A private Israeli company that exports vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs and dates and worldwide. The company exports produce gro...

4- Bickel Group
קבוצת ביקל

Marketer and exporter of organoc and non-organic agricultural produce and flowers. The Bickel Group comprises of Bickel Flowers...

5- Reshef Security
רשף ביטחון

A private Israeli provider of electronic surveillance and physical security services. The company holds an estimated 5% of the Isr...