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1- Airbnb, Inc.

A publicly traded American company operating an online vacation rental platform. The company offers listings in over 220 countries...

2- B.V. is one of the world’s leading digital travel companies based in the Netherlands. The company is fully owned...

3- Chateau Golan Winery
שאטו גולן בע"מ

An Israeli boutique winery based in the occupied Syrian Golan. The winery is located in the settlement of Moshav Eliad, in the ...

4- eDreams ODIGEO

Based in Spain, the company operates an online travel agency for lodging reservations and other travel products. The company inclu...

5- Tnuva Group
קבוצת תנובה

An Israeli company for food production and marketing. The company holds a significant share of the Israeli market in the field of ...