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1- Bickel Group
קבוצת ביקל

Marketer and exporter of organoc and non-organic agricultural produce and flowers. The Bickel Group comprises of Bickel Flowers...

2- Cherriessa

The company sorts and exports vegetables to Russia and Europe. It grows mainly artichokes, chili peppers and cherry tomatoes. T...

3- Dan Pri Export and International Trade
דאן פרי יצוא וסחר בינלאומי

A private Israeli exporter of agricultural produce to Russia. The company’s boxes were spotted in Tomer and Na’aran...

4- Delek Israel Fuel Company Ltd.
דלק חברת הדלק הישראלית בע"מ

A private Israeli Company founded in 1951, active in the field of gas and fuel. The company operates fuel and service stations and...

5- Eltal Technologistics
אלטל טכנולוגיסטיקה

Provider of integration and logistic solutions for technological security projects. The company operates and maintains scanning...

6- Kedem Hadarim
קדם הדרים

A marketer and exporter of organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables. During a 2012 field tour, Who Profits documented the ...

7- Mor Hasharon Fruit (Sharon Fruit)
מור פירות השרון

A marketer and exporter of agricultural produce. In 2012, Who Profits documented the presence of the company boxes in a packagi...

8- Oppenheimer Manufacturing and Marketing
אופנהיימר ייצור ושיווק

Private Israeli manufacturer and exporter of chocolate products and sweets. The company is based in the industrial zone of Atar...

9- S.M Valley
ש.מ. הבקעה

Exporter and grower of agricultural produce. The company is located in the Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. ...

10- Tamar Hazahav
תמר הזהב

The company produces and exports organic Medjool dates. Tamar Hazahav grows Medjool dates in the occupied Jordan Valley, and th...

11- Vered Hatamar
ורד התמר

Grower and marketer of Medjool Dates. Vered Hatamar grows and exports Medjool dates from the occupied Jordan Valley. The c...

12- Zorganika

A private Israeli company that owns and cultivates organic date plantations. The company's is located in the settlement of ...