AnyVision Interactive Technologies (Oosto)

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אניויז'ין אינטראקטיב טכנולוג'יס בע"מ

A private Israeli company specializing in Artificial Intelligence based facial recognition technology and temperature detection for face and human recognition in mass crowd events in real time.

In October 2021, the company announced it will change its name and rebrand itself under the name “Oosto”. Under the new brand, the company offers computer vision and facial recognition technologies for public safety such as touchless biometric access control, video analytics, and new types of vide-based recognition. 

In 2019, it was reported that the company is involved in two projects of the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank.

The first project involved a system installed in Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank that use AnyVision technology for identification of work permits. To work within the Green Line and in Israeli settlements, Palestinians must obtain a work permit issued by Israel’s military authorities.

The second, a more classified project, is implemented within the West Bank and outside the military checkpoints. The project utilizes the company’s facial recognition technology, to latch on an already existing CCTV cameras network deployed around the West Bank, equipping them with facial recognition capabilities and thus heightening military monitoring and surveillance of Palestinians. In 2018, AnyVision received an award by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for its role in the project.

The company's technology was also used by the Israel Police as part of its surveillance mechanism in occupied East Jerusalem, where the majority of the residents are Palestinians.

In September 2020, Anyvision completed the establishment of SightX, jointly owned by Anyvision shareholders and Israeli state-owned weapons manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. SightX is developing advanced detection and tracking technologies using artificial intelligence, based on machine vision technology developed by AnyVision for military purposes. Anyvision will contribute to the partnership its current security contracts and knowhow, and Rafael will invest tens of millions of dollars in the joint company.

In 2017, the company was awarded a NIS 45,630 contract with the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) to conduct a feasibility study for video analysis for the identification of 2 operational scenarios.

According to the company, in 2019 its software has been installed in over 100,000 cameras, in 43 countries as part of some 350 projects. The software operates on real-time scanning and cross-analysis of data collected from various sources, including open-source data collection.