Mikud Guarding Security Services & Cleaning

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מיקוד שמירה אבטחה שירותים ונקיון בע"מ

A private Israeli company that provides security, human resources and cleaning and maintenance services.

In 2017, the company won a Jerusalem Municipality tender to provide security services to the Jerusalem light rail until 31 December 2020. The company also provided inspectors for the light rail. The Jerusalem light rail connects settlement neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem to the western part of the city.

The company provided guarding services to a commercial complex in Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.

The company provided security services in the ‘Jerusalem Envelope’, the area annexed to Jerusalem by the Separation Wall. Prior to 2005, the company was contracted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to operate the checkpoints.

In 2009, Who Profits documented the presence of company subsidiary Moked Mikud sign in the Har Homa settlement neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Cleanor, another Mikud Group company, won a 2018 tender to provide cleaning services in educational facilities in Jerusalem, including 17 schools in East Jerusalem.