G1 Secure Solutions (formerly G4S Israel)

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ג'י וואן פתרונות אבטחה בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli provider of human security and electronic security services and technologies.

The company was formerly part of the global G4S concern, which specializes in security personnel services, electronic security services, arrest alternative such as ankle monitors and operating private jail houses around the world. In December 2016, the company was sold to the Israeli equity fund, FIMI.

Security services to settlements and industrial zones

The company has provided security services, including security equipment and personnel, to businesses in the settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Modi’in IllitMa’ale Adumim, and the Kalia settlement in the Jordan Valley. The company also provided security services to businesses in the settlements’ industrial zones of Mishor Adumim and Atarot. In addition, after the company purchased Aminut Moked Artzi, one of the oldest private security companies in Israel, it took over its entire business operations, including security services to businesses in the Barkan industrial Zone. The company has also provided services to the settlement neighborhood of Har Adar in occupied East Jerusalem.

G1 Secure Solutions provides Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems to the Israeli Ministry of Public Security’s safe city project. The safe city project is implemented in dozens of settlement municipalities in the West Bank.

In 2020, the company’s fully-owned subsidiary, G1 Hotelo Computerized, Systems was contracted by Ariel University, in the settlement of Ariel in the occupied West Bank, to provide small maintenance work services. The contract is for a period of three years with the option of extension for a total of five years.

Additionally, in 2018, the company maintained cooperation with Ariel University which included the company’s participation in an open career day in the university.

The company also provides security to Mei Tamar, a Mekorot (Israeli national water company) installation in the Jordan Valley in the West Bank.

Services to Israeli Checkpoints

The company has provided equipment for Israeli-run checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, including luggage scanning machines and full body scanners by Rapiscan and L-3‘s Safeview, including to the Erez checkpoint in Gaza and to the QalandiaBethlehem and Irtah (Sha’ar Efraim) checkpoints in the West bank. From 2008 to 2017, the company was contracted by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) for the provision and maintenance of nine Rapiscan metal gates installed in ICA checkpoints. In 2017, the contract was renewed until 30 April 2018.

Services to Israeli Police

In January 2021, the company’s fully-owned subsidiary G1 Hotelo Computerized Systems, was contracted by Israel Police, with an exemption from tender, to be the sole provider of control system maintenance for Israeli Border Police base located in the settlement of Atarot in occupied East Jerusalem, until the end of 2025 for the amount of NIS 120,000. Also in 2021, the company was contracted by Israel Police, with an exemption from tender, to provide Structure Control System maintenance until 2026, for NIS 120,000.

G1 holds a 25% stake in Policity– Operator Ltd., the consortium that won the tender for the construction, financing, planning, management, operation, maintenance and training of the National Police Academy campus and training facility, which was opened in 2015, for a period of 25 years for an amount of NIS 2.2 billion.

G1 built the PA system, fire detection system, multimedia, safety and security systems for the project and its security division operates the systems at Policity during the operating period. The remaining shares are held by the publicly traded Israeli corporation Housing and Construction Shikun & Binui Group (50%) and G4S Holdings (B) B.V (25%).

In 2020, Policity provided shooting trainings for the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) for NIS 52,556. In 2011, the G1 won a public tender to provide, install and maintain low tension security systems to the Israeli police. The contract ended in 2015. The company provided equipment to the headquarters of the Israeli police in the West Bank, located in the highly contested E-1 area next to Ma’ale Adumim settlement (the Judea and Samaria Police Headquarters – “Machoz Shai”).

Services to Israel Prison Service (IPS)

In April 2022, G1 was contracted by the IPS, with exemption from tender, to provide supervised patrol and verification services for the amount of NIS 350,000 until November 2022. In March 2022, the company was contracted to provide maintenance and installation services of fire and smoke detection systems and fire extinguishing systems for a period of one year with the possibility for a three year extension of the contract.

Also in 2022, the company was contracted, with an exemption from tender, to provide Baggage Systems maintenance for a period of three years for NIS 2,120,826. In 2021, the company was contracted, with an exemption from tender, to provide patrol and verification services for NIS 350,000 for a period of six months.

Also in 2021, the company was contracted with an exemption from tender, to provide maintenance services for Baggage X-ray System for NIS 970,000 until 2022.

In August 2018, G1 was contracted to provide maintenance for integrated management systems for Israel Prison Service (IPS), including a CCTV system, digital recording, control rooms and control and monitoring computers. The contract, in the amount of NIS 2,644,000, is valid through 31 December 2019.

According to IPS’ logistical support center, maintenance provision will gradually be transferred to Magalcom (of Telrad Group) and Top Sky Line, which won a 2015 IPS tender for the development of new management systems to be installed in all prisons, as well as maintenance of existing systems.

In 2017, the company was contracted to provide maintenance of security and control systems for NIS 335,902.

During 2016, it had contracts with the IPS in the amount of NIS 11,543,885. These contracts include: An integrated management system in Ofer prison for NIS 663,306. Ofer is an Israeli prison for Palestinian political prisoners, located in the West Bank, near the settlement of Givat Ze’ev.

The prison holds 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners and includes a military court which judges detainees from the West bank on a daily basis. Installing and maintaining an integrated management system, a closed circuit system and a cards’ reader in Megido prison for NIS 569,639. Megido prison, located within the Green Line, is a detention facility designated for Palestinian political prisoners. Megido prison holds over 1,200 Palestinian political prisoners. The company installed and maintained technological systems in Ketziot prison for NIS 430,019. Ketziot prison is the biggest incarceration facility in Israel and holds some 2,200 Palestinian political prisoners (the entire prison population includes 2,500 prisoners). The Ketziot prison has a military court for administrative detention and many of the prisoners held in Ketziot are under administrative detention. The Ketziot prison also includes the Holot facility and Saharonim prison for foreign immigrants. Installing a collaborating management system in Shata prison for the amount of NIS 318,111. Shata prison (currently Hashita prison) is a maximum security prison for criminal prisoners and for Palestinian political prisoners. In addition, the company installed cameras in Nachshon cells for NIS 128,406. Nachson is a central unit of the IPS for escort of prisoners, a security force and an intervention force of the IPS. The unit facilitates the transportation of prisoners for place to place.

During 2016, the company also installed a PA systems in Rimonim prison for the amount of NIS 238,330 and performs the maintenance of a collaborating management system in Rimonim prison for NIS 35,336. Rimonim prison (part of Hasharon compound) is mostly a criminal prison but includes a wing for Palestinian political prisoners. In previous years, the company was contracted by the IPS to perform the following activities: Installing and operating the entire security system of the Ketziot Prison, the central control room of the Megido Prison and security services to Damon prison. Damon Prison, also located inside Israel, holds over 500 Palestinian political prisoners and undocumented persons from the occupied West Bank. Some of these prisoners have not been charged yet and some are administrative detainees. The company also installed peripheral defense systems on the walls surrounding the Ofer prison and operates a central control room for the entire Ofer compound.

In addition, the company also provided the entire security systems and the central control room in Rimonim prison. The company also provided security systems for the Abu Kabir, Kishon (“Al-Jalameh”) and Jerusalem (“Russian Compound”) detention and interrogation facilities. Palestinian political prisoners are usually held in detention facilities without legal proceeding for long periods of time. Human rights organizations have collected evidence showing that Palestinian prisoners are regularly subjected to torture in these facilities. Since 2005, the company has been providing IPS with ankle monitors. The ankle monitors are manufactured by the Israeli company Elmo Tech.

Additional activities of the company

The company is one of the major security systems provider to the Israeli government, the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) and the Israeli Air Force, including the IMOD complex (“Hakirya”) in Tel Aviv. It also provided security systems to the Israeli armored corps base of Nachshonim, which was donated by the US army in accordance with the Wye River Memorandum. The company operates security patrol units which secure oceanic facilities, vehicles and transport routes, buildings and equipment of the security and finance industries. These units, as the company states, are manned by “combatants who graduated elite combat units in the Israeli army”.

Between 2010 and 2018, the company provided and maintained security systems for the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority for the total sum of NIS 9,123,095. In March 2019, the contract was extended to 30 September 2019 for an additional NIS 750,000. Among the company’s clients is the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, a governmental body established by the Ministry of Religion in 1988 carrying out development and infrastructure work and hold Jewish religion ceremonies in the site located in the occupied Old City in East Jerusalem.